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Willis Insurance Bellevue, Ohio

Willis Insurance Bellevue, Ohio

The Willis Insurance Agency is located in Bellevue, Ohio, and has been in business for 50 years. The company was established in 1887 by Charles Willis, a former attorney. The company’s headquarters and main offices are in Bellevue, Ohio. 

It was originally started by C.D. Manley, a former county clerk in Barry County. Its name changed to Willis Insurance Agency in 1919. The agency had been known as the Manley Insurance Agency until the Willis family bought it out in 2000. While the agency is headquartered in Cassville, it provides coverage for homeowners, renters, and commercial properties. The company also provides auto, life, and health insurance. The company was rated one of the top 10 agencies in Ohio by the Consumers’ Research Council of America five years straight.

The Willis Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency serving all types of insurance needs. It will help you protect: 

  • your family with life and health insurance
  • your home with homeowner’s coverage
  • give you peace of mind with retirement planning assistance
  • protect your cars with auto coverage; help safeguard your business assets. 

The agency will review your policy for you, as well as find the right coverage. And they can recommend suitable products from many top-rated companies throughout Ohio and the nation.

Services and Specialization

Services and Specialization.

The company specializes in personal and commercial insurance. it has been operating for 15 years and offers affordable policies with great customer service. In the past, it was known for its affordable insurance. It is now a leader in the industry. Its rates are reasonable and will be able to fit any budget.

In case of an accident, Willis will repair the damage to the vehicle. Its team will help investigate various aspects to determine the type and extent of damages. This will help in deciding how much money will be used for repairs and avoid situations when a claim is higher than it should. Their company is known for honest work done at fair prices with zero hidden costs. Customers will receive all the necessary information about the process before beginning such work on their vehicles. The company will provide insurance quotes free of charge, so no personal information will be required from its clients when providing prices over the phone.

This company offers many opportunities to help you grow your wealth. You can withdraw money from an RRSP without any tax penalties if the money will be available when it will not need this insurance policy. If you want to retire early in life, but still have health care expenses paid for when you take out, an RRSP loan with Willi’s will provide capital in case of death or disease, so that you do not have to worry about the income gap when you will not need Willis Insurance. You can also open a Registered Retirement Savings Plan, which will help you save money for your future retirement.


Willis Insurance also serves the insurance needs of those in the Parkersburg and Marietta areas with personal service from our experienced staff. Customers can use the same policy coverage and will not experience any interruption or change in coverage depending on the location.

They have also opened new branches in: 

  1. Athens
  2. Lancaster
  3. as well as the second district in Newark, Ohio
Willis Insurance Bellevue, Ohio.

Customers will find the same high level of service at each location with friendly staff available to help meet their insurance needs for both personal and commercial policies. Customers will also find the Willis Insurance website provides everything needed to make insurance decisions and changes.

Willis will work to meet the needs and provide coverages for businesses, homeowners, and individuals. They will help find the right type of coverage that will fit your situation at a price that will keep your insurance premiums manageable. Willis Insurance will be able to work with you to ensure you have all types of state-required liability and will also ensure that you are properly insured.

Willis Insurance will help try to save customers money while providing them with the types of coverages that will keep their family safe and secure should an unfortunate event occur. They will also ensure that customers stay informed by sending monthly billing statements whenever possible. The answers to the most asked questions about the company’s details can be found on their online webpage, alongside all the important information regarding different insurance types.

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