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Wilbert Plastics Bellevue – A Premier Company

Wilbert Plastics Bellevue – A Premier Company

Wilbert Plastics in Bellevue, Ohio is a leader in the field of plastics manufacturing and design.  The company specializes in ultra-high precision plastic injection molding providing their customers with products that are made to exacting standards. 

Their team of highly skilled engineers has the knowledge and experience to provide customers with quality plastic products at a competitive price. Wilbert Plastics products have been featured in hundreds of movies, commercials, and television shows. They also have won more than 225 awards. The company’s designs are mostly inspired by nature and art. They have helped make Wilbert Plastics one of the most popular brands in the plastics industry.

The background of Wilbert Plastics can be traced to 18utt’s Plastics Company, which was founded in OH. During those years, the company managed to establish its name as a household name in the industrial world. Wilbert was purchased by Chemtura in 1996 and then again purchased by Plastics Plus in 2021.

Company’s Services

Wilbert Plastics has been recognized for providing outstanding customer service through an ISO 9001:2008 QMS certified operation. The Wilbert team uses lean manufacturing principles designed to keep overhead low. They also keep continuous improvement in focus during production runs.  This combination provides Wilbert plastics Bellevue Oh customers with an opportunity to maximize their return on investment in a low-cost environment.

The core values of the company are “honesty, integrity, and high-quality production”. These are the core principles that have helped make Wilbert Plastics so successful in its area of expertise. These values have also attracted thousands of happy customers who are happy with their products. As the result, their customers include:

  • government agencies
  • small businesses
  • colleges
  • hospitals
  • manufacturers
  • retailers
  • and even specific industries.

Wilbert Plastics Products

Wilbert plastics has an extensive selection of custom plastic parts for a variety of different uses. These include precision engineering parts and assemblies, parts for the water and oil industry, aerospace applications, and even some unique designs for the home. They also work with a wide range of materials like:

  • acrylic
  • ABS
  • acetal, and
  • nylon as well as other materials.

This variety allows them to fulfill many requests from customers who need certain items made. One of the more popular products is their precision engineering bumper stickers. This is because of the attention to detail and attention to quality that goes into the design and production of each bumper sticker. These stickers are created using thermoplastic resins and die-cuts, and their colors are made using low-melting digital ink. 

The interior design team at Wilbert Plastics can create any type of signage that will help to promote your business or organization. Moreover, they have several custom vinyl products that are designed in a variety of different sizes and formats. The products are available in a wide variety of colors including red, blue, black, white, and gray. All of the designs are created using the latest technology in digital signage.

This company strives to provide their customer with the highest quality services possible. From the design, creation, and printing process to the finishing details, they take great care to ensure that every mark is precisely placed on each product. All of their products are made from only the finest materials that can withstand the toughest weather conditions. In addition to this, they adhere to very stringent standards of workmanship. All of the materials used are double bagged and come with a certificate of authentication.

Wilbert Plastics – The company of Equipment Production

Wilbert Plastics Bellevue Ohio offers a wide range of high-quality industrial equipment and parts. Some of the items include air compressors, power saws, grinders, compressors, air guns, and tape measures. 

Many of the products are engineered to meet the existing standards of today’s construction industry. These items have been tried and tested for their dependability and durability. They can stand up to the toughest workload and provide years of dependable service. With that being said, when looking for the best company to provide you with industrial equipment and parts, make sure to ask about the dependability and durability of these products. Wilbert Plastics Bellevue Ohio is a leader in the industry and always offers quality products.


Wilbert Plastics Bellevue Ohio offers diverse services for its customers. These include plastics processing, automation, and material-handling equipment. Each one of these is a vital part of the company. It gives them the chance to work with each customer individually to find out what works best for their business. Wilbert Plastics realizes that every person’s needs are different. Therefore, they strive to offer many options to make sure that you are getting what your business needs to succeed.

So, if you need a top-quality plastic manufacturer, Wilbert Plastics Bellevue Ohio is one company that you should consider. The company has many years of experience in manufacturing all types of products. This experience comes through in their design and production of all of their equipment and parts. As you look for a company that can offer you the right kind of equipment and parts for your business, there is no limit to the amount of versatility and unique designs that you can get from Wilbert Plastics.

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