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Thomas Steel – The Best Steel Business in Bellevue, Ohio

Thomas Steel – The Best Steel Business in Bellevue, Ohio

The Thomas Steel Company, based in Bellevue, Ohio, is one of the country’s top manufacturers of insulated brake pads. With sales of its products reaching all points in the country, Steel management maintains that the company’s leadership position in the industry will continue to grow. 

Steel America, a division of the Steelworkers Union of America, ranked Thomas Steel as the second-best manufacturing facility among companies of insulated brake pads. Located on the banks of the mighty Ohio River, Steel Bellecreek is home to over 200 employees and suppliers of this high-tech equipment.

Thomas Steel Inc. – The History of Greatness

Thomas Steel Company, Inc. is an American manufacturing company that has produced wire products since 1869. It grew to prominence in the early 1900s when C.L. Thomas improved upon the Cretors Popper to create a machine that would popcorn continuously without jamming or requiring an operator to shake it while popping corn kernels. Thomas also developed a wire cage that would go on to be known as the Wire Boll Weevil Exterminator. Since its inception, Thomas Steel has been acquired by several companies – most notably American Brands in 1969 and Lenox in 2000.

By 1908 Thomas’s Steel Business was producing over one hundred machines per day. They were so prolific that in 1917 Thomas’s factory was moved to Marion, Ohio. However, the Thomas Steel Bellevue Ohio plant has been didn’t open until 1957. It was nevertheless a mainstay in the community ever since. In 1972 the company was acquired by a Philadelphia Company and in 1984 they began a series of acquisitions to diversify their product line. In 1986 Thomas Steel branched out into the consumer products sector by acquiring the Wire Weave Basket Company, Inc. During this time TSC also invented a revolutionary camping chair with aluminum legs that fold underneath it for easy transport – still being used today.

Thomas Steel Business Today

Today, the Thomas Steel Building Company continues to expand and grow. It has been able to overcome the competition from other steel producers in recent years because it offers a unique combination of state-of-the-art technology and traditional craftsmanship. Among the projects currently underway at Steel Bellecreek, Ohio is the conversion of a commercial office building into a Class A Steel Performance Manufacturing (SPM) facility, which will manufacture high-performance yet environmentally sound steel products for the global market. Also in the works are plans to convert the adjacent Steel Crossing Apartments into a hotel and conference center complex.

The company still offers jobs to hundreds of people who make use of its excellent heating and cooling system. Other than the jobs provided by the heating and air conditioning division, the company also provides services for maintaining the general infrastructure of the plant, including interiors and roofing. The company also manufactures:

  • steel enclosures
  • overhead doors
  • frame connectors
  • tie rods
  • edge brackets
  • tie plate clips
  •  gussets
  • tie bars
  • and clevis straps 

In addition to Steel Bellecreek, the Steel Company produces metal manufacturing plants in Ohio, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania. These plants manufacture parts for cars, locomotives, aircraft, and trucks.

What’s so Special about Thomas Steel Business?

Thomas Steel Business in Bellevue, Ohio is dedicated to its customers. The company offers steel fabrication, custom metal fabrication, and design-build services for various industries. Moreover, Thomas Steel Bellevue Ohio has grown over the years because of strong customer relationships built on trust and integrity. It provides high-quality products at competitive prices. They are committed to working hard with their employees to ensure customers get what they need when they need it!

       Thomas Steel serves many large organizations which call this business home. They understand the importance of customer satisfaction and they know how important it is to provide quality materials on time. The company collaborates with such big companies and businesses as Home Depot, Kohl’s, Target, and Macy’s. In addition, the business specializes in other types of metal fabrication such as:

  • bridges
  • handrails for stairs or decks
  • grating from all metals including stainless steel
  • grating for indoor flooring

     The company has seen many changes over the years. For example, they transitioned from being only a steel service center to a full-service provider of fabricated products. The company added design-build services for construction projects which let them work with their customers every step of the way. They handle budgets and schedules while managing engineering drawings, fabrication instructions, material specifications, transportation quotes, installation plans, and custom assembly instructions.

     Thomas Steel Bellevue Ohio is also well known in their community because they are involved with different organizations throughout the region. They also help local schools by providing materials for student projects as well as sponsoring science fairs and STEM programs for young students interested in technology at an early age.

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