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The Bellevue Gazette was originally an American weekly newspaper printed in Bellevue, Ohio. It was initially owned by Civitas Media, an investment group based in Boston, Massachusetts. The name of the newspaper was changed to just ‘Bellevue’ to fit the area where it was originally printed. 

The city is located in what is known as the Cannel Valley. Today, the paper is still owned and published by the same group. The first issue of the Bellevue Gazette was published on April Fool’s Day in 1950. It has been continuously published ever since and is one of the most popular newspapers in the state. 

The Bellevue Gazette spanned years of war, depression, and times of prosperity. The paper was printed every single week and survived the history. The Bellevue Gazette is currently celebrating its 65th Anniversary. Other popular papers in the area include the City Newspaper, the Toledo Blade, the Bellevue World, the Springfield News-Miner, and the Toledo News-User.

What Can Be Found in the Bellevue Newspaper?

Vintage Bellevue Newspaper.

The Bellevue Gazette features an archive of the city’s past, as well as the present. The archived news provides interesting information about the city’s growth and development, as well as the people who made the area what it is today. These newspaper obituaries often show the names of the deceased and other significant historical data. There are also sections of articles dealing with automobiles, churches, schools, farms, gardens, fire departments, hospitals, restaurants, clubs, homes, sports, and more.

 There are several obituaries in the newspaper that were previously posted on the local police station website. Some of these obituaries were posted on the police station website before being taken out in the paper. Others came from news agencies such as the Associated Press. The newspaper obituaries can be printed in full color if that is the preferred way of viewing them online. 

Various neighborhoods in downtown Bellevue are highlighted with a variety of buildings, gardens, parks, schools, playgrounds, businesses, and other areas. All of these buildings can be found listed in the Bellevue Gazette, along with the names and addresses of the owners. These newspapers also have obituaries index listing notable dead people.

Research Geneology with the Bellevue Gazette

The Bellevue Gazette is now also home to many family history websites. One example of such a site is the Genealogy Help list. If you need to research early American family history, the genealogy Help list can help you find databases of: 

  • obituaries
  • death notices 
  • family history
  • cemetery records for nearly every town in Bellevue

The genealogy-help list can even assist you with family history research, should you have questions or need specific data.

A successful Bellevue gazette obituary search can lead you to find the right person for your family tree needs. When you perform a search, you will find out the name, birth date, death date, cemeteries, and other important data about your ancestors. This valuable research will provide you with the background information you need to find the right person for your family tree needs. This information may include possible family members, cousins, or more. A successful search can provide you with all the information you need to find the right person for your needs.

Why Choose To Read The Bellevue Gazette?

The Bellevue Gazette.

The Bellevue Gazette is dedicated to keeping the citizens informed with important news, events, and even some entertainment. The people read it to get the news, get their horoscope, learn of new things in town, and even get recipes. It has been running for over thirty years. It is currently run by two sisters (Jenny Monroe and Mable Monroe) who give information about local events, businesses, schools, churches that are opening or closing soon. A new feature was added with Reader’s Shelf where readers can submit drawings or photos of places they go with a short description of what the place means to them. The most recent article published in “The History Behind Hospitality” talks about how important hospitality has always been in Bellevue throughout history. 

The Bellevue gazette is one of the best historical newspapers in the United States. This newspaper provides you with up-to-date information about everything historical that has happened within the city and its surrounding region. The newspaper contains many insightful articles about the daily lives of Bellevue citizens, as well as news about businesses and political affairs in the area. You can find out what companies are coming to town by reading this newspaper from cover to cover! Also, if you require any assistance – employment, legal advice, or anything else about the city, The Bellevue gazette will be able to provide insightful articles on these topics too.

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