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Protect Rights With Amerassist A/R Solutions Inc.

Protect Rights With Amerassist A/R Solutions Inc.

Amerassist A/R Solutions Inc. has been providing customer-direct services since 1990. The company can accomplish this through its network of distributors and collection agents who will act as representatives for their clients.

This is done through the provision of a wide range of services which include the following: –

  • collection management
  • insurance verification
  • payables and collections
  • insurance collections
  • employee training

These representatives work on commission and are paid only for the sales they generate. Customers have the option of working with an independent representative or with an Amerassist A/R Solutions distributor.

What is Amerassist A/R Solutions Inc.

Amerassist A/R Solutions Inc., headquartered in Canfield, Ohio, has an executive team that includes Jim Malivoire, president; Bruno Esposito, vice-president of sales; John Bless, operations manager; and Thomas Ulrich, director of training.

Mr. Malivoire started Amerassist A/R Solutions in 1990 under the name American Medical Outsourcing Inc. Primarily, it focused on providing medical transcription services to companies looking for a cost-effective alternative to in-house employees. Amerassist A/R Solutions has been in the third-party collections business since 1994. At that time, it worked with Ameritas, an insurance provider for independent brokers. The company collects from insurance carriers, including United Healthcare, Assurant Health, and Humana. It also handles other types of accounts such as cable and utility bills and magazine subscriptions. Amerassist A/R Solutions has a staff of more than 20 and averages sales of $1 million per year.

Amerasisst A/R Solutions’ Management

If you are a client of Amerassist A/R Solutions, Inc., you are probably wondering how the company decides whom to serve and how it manages its vast collection of clients. There are a variety of factors that are considered when assigning a case to an individual agent. Some of these factors include: 

  • a company’s ability to handle various types of cases
  • a company’s ability to resolve disputes involving wages, taxes, and other such charges
  • an ability to enforce federal and state laws
  • a company’s reputation in the collection industries

Some other considerations which are used by Amerassist A/R Solutions, Inc. management are location, performance, and experience with both new and long-term clients.

Amerassist A/R Solutions, Inc. prides itself on its ability to provide quality service and effective results for every client. Its business strategy is simple: the company focuses on clients who can support its services by paying high collection fees and other expenses involved. Amerassist also takes pride in successfully locating missing debtors all across the United States of America. If you are either a client or are considering contracting Amerassist A/R Solutions, Inc. for your collection needs, Amerassist will offer free conferences. They will be dedicated to a discussion of the company’s business and its possible assistance to you as a customer with current collection cases. Amerassist also offers clients an opportunity to receive either a daily or weekly update on its activities involving their account(s). The company realizes that it often takes time for new cases to successfully finalize. 

When would one need Amerassist’s Help?

One of the situations that may require the expertise of Amerassist Inc. is if a person fails to pay their outstanding debts. A collection agency will likely attempt to contact every outstanding creditor that it can locate to collect the debt. In some cases, Amerassist may not even be aware of a debt collection agency and may fail to follow up on a request to sell a car or home. When it fails to act promptly, creditors may choose to pursue legal action against the offending collection agency for not meeting the legal requirements of debt collection. Amerassist can also help a collection agency obtain a court order to force a debtor to pay monies that they are legally entitled to receive.

Another situation that may call for the expertise of an Amerassist A/R Solutions is when a person obtains judgments against them. Collection agencies have the right to sue people who fail to pay their outstanding debts. Judgments are also called “summons” and Amerassist can help collect either judgment or properly document and assign a time of action for a judgment to be entered against a debtor. This can also protect a debtor from becoming a victim of fraud or identity theft.

Solving FDCPA-Related Problems

According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), all United States citizens are required to inform the collection agency that they do not wish to be contacted anymore. Collection agencies are also required to inform the client whether they are allowed to contact them anymore. Failure to respond promptly to such requests is considered harassment and can result in the loss or cancellation of a client’s account. Failure to honor withdrawal requests can also be grounds for eviction.

Any individual who does not follow the FDCPA guidelines and remains a customer of an Amerassist a/r solutions Inc company may be subject to legal action by that very same collection agency. In addition to contacting the attorney general’s office, consumers need to also inform any other parties involved, such as the attorney general, credit bureaus, creditors, etc. Failure to do so will make the Amerassist A/R Solutions liable for legal actions taken against it. The FDCPA guidelines provide that if a debt collector violates the FDCPA, that debt collector is required to reimburse the applicable money to the client unless that debt collector can prove that it was exercising reasonable judgment at the time that the violation occurred.

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