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Project Vision for the Bellevue Spring District

Project Vision for the Bellevue Spring District

The Bellevue Transit Center, originally a closed-out storage warehouse, has been redesigned as a pedestrian-friendly street mall. The center is part of the Bellevue Transit Planning and Development Corporation (BREC) which is now part of the Bellevue Market Partnership (BMPG). 

BREC is responsible for the management and upkeep of the entire transit center. The center features retail shops, a movie theater, and multiple eating and drinking establishments. B Wempton’s restaurant on the first floor offers expanded hours of dining options and is one of the most popular restaurants in the area.

What is the so-called “Spring District”?

The newly designed Spring District is an enhanced transit-oriented center and neighborhood, which are currently under development in Bellevue, Washington. The sixteen-block-36-acre development is focused on the Spring District/ 120th Street station. Located on the East Link extension, it is scheduled to be ready in 2021. The transit center will feature retail shops, multiple dining, and shopping options, as well as the planned Pacific Northwest Children’s Museum. The Spring District would also offer a variety of extracurricular programs for the entire family to enjoy.

The region is located on Bellevue way between 120th and Bellevue way NE, near the square shopping mall. The location of the Spring District is strategic because it’s at the end of 120th Street NE. The opening of this community is intended to help fill the void that was left behind by the previous Bellevue mall.

The Spring District would bring new jobs to the area, as well as several residential units with apartments for rent or purchase. A live-work environment for residents would also be available throughout each building in Phases 2, 3, and 4. The homes will range from one-bedroom lofts up to three bedrooms cape codes or townhouses. There are also plans for a public park in this development. Moreover, it would also include a public plaza, an amphitheater for performances and arts, as well as green spaces. A private school is also expected to be constructed on the Spring District property.

Phases of the Development Plan for the Bellevue Sprong District

The first phase of the planned development involves the development of the master plan. The master plan for the Spring District includes three major projects:

  1. the Bellevue Square Retail Center
  2. the Pacific Northwest Children’s Museum
  3. The redevelopment of the transit center.

These projects are contingent upon approval by the Bellevue voters in the March primary. In addition to these major master projects, the master plan also includes several smaller undertakings, such as promoting walkability and investing in affordable housing.

The second phase of the planned development features a fully-developed downtown connector to the light rail terminal at the edge of the district. The project will include the renovation of the Vanport Square pedestrian mall and the renovation of the Macy’s at the corner of Vanport and Harvard. The renovation of the historic Vanport Square will create an impressive new public space and bring the library and other public service facilities to the area. Additionally, the planned Vanport Square mixed-use center will feature retail and restaurant space and a shuttle bus will link the downtown terminal to the downtown connector.

The third phase of the project, which will produce the largest economic boost to the downtown Bellevue area, will feature a massive mixed-use project including: 

  • a brand new regional corporate headquarters
  • a premium hotel
  • an outpatient clinic
  • the renovation of two freestanding theaters. 

The theater renovation will include new features such as a nine-screen premium movie theater, a state-of-the-art IMAX theater, and two premium performing arts centers. Also in the plans is the building of a convention center, which will provide a one-stop shopping experience for shoppers in downtown Bellevue.

The Spring District – The Project of High Expectations

The Spring District, designed by architecture firm partners Dieter and Mulligan with the assistance of urban planning and development professionals, is expecting to break ground in the fall of 2021. The region will feature more than 500,000 square feet of retail, restaurant, and performance space, including a mixed-use tower featuring a full slate of premium tenants including Mercedes Benz, Marriott, and Dick’s Sporting Goods. The development is expected to attract some of the nation’s top designers and construction experts to the Bellevue area. Construction is expected to wrap up in mid-2021, and to be complete by the end of the calendar year. By then, the mixed-use buildings and the new hotels should be fully operational. Still, the development is expected to have a greater impact on Bellevue’s retail market in 2025.

The Spring District will be a mixed-use district that includes housing, office space, and a hotel with a restaurant and entertainment venues. The development will be located on 120 acres of land owned by the Bellevue Development Corporation. Over 1,000 employees are expected to work on the upcoming mixed-use project. These employees will also spend money on services and retail provided by local businesses. The Spring District is expected to generate $4 million annually for public schools in Bellevue over the next 30 years.

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