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Opening a flagship Amazon Store in Bellevue, Washington

Opening a flagship Amazon Store in Bellevue, Washington

The new Amazon outlet on Broadway is set to open this month. The former Site d’Arco supermarket building that sat on the northwest corner of Factoria in Liquorice was torn down. The location was purchased by Amazon and the demolition included tearing down a wall, which also contained plumbing and electrical works. Amazon will operate the outlet from a building on the northwest corner of Broadway, which is across the street from the former Safeway on the east side of Broadway.

Amazon will operate the Bellevue Amazons as a 100-shop grocery store that will have locations in nine neighborhoods across the Seattle area. It will be operated as a combination of a grocery store and warehouse. The company says that they expect sales of the Bellevue AMEX store to exceed their expectations for opening it. There is also to be a 100-seat cinema inside the store. Other additional features and amenities will be available in the store.

Amazon Will Replace Albertsons in Belltown

Amazon has just announced that they will be opening a new store in the former Safeway space at the northeast corner of Broadway. The company has signed agreements with retailers in Belltown and Capitol Hill for their newest location, which is set to open in 2019. The old Albertsons grocery store on the southwest corner of Broadway and 47th was torn down, while the liquor store on the southeast corner sold its building back to Ace Hardware.

Amazon has signed agreements with retailers in the Belltown and Capitol Hill areas for the opening of its new store in Belltown. This area is part of the construction project for an upcoming mixed-use project. Ace Hardware closed its store at the south end of Broadway in April. The owner of the store blamed the slow sales on the recession.

A representative for Amazon said that the store is in the “planning stages” and has no additional announcements yet. Representatives for the store owners have declined to comment. An AMEX representative said the store will remain in the Belltown area. “We are pleased to see the new store opening in Belltown,” said AMEX managing director John Donovan. “The timing and location of this new facility-especially its proximity to our headquarters is ideal for us.” He declined to provide any further details.

It’s not clear whether the store will remain in the existing Belltown retail strip mall or be opened into a new mixed-use development. The store will compete with many high-traffic retailers such as Crate & Barrel, H&M, Target, and Walmart. The store will likely compete directly with Whole Foods Market. Amazon has said it plans to add hundreds of full-time and part-time jobs to the region through its new store.

The New Bellevue #Walmart Store: Pros and Cons

Bellevue, WA has been home to the headquarters of Amazon for many years now. This is a city that is all about business and the opening of a new Walmart store promises to be an exciting boost for the area. With more than half a million people who commute every day to work in downtown Bellevue, more shoppers are likely to enter the area through the new store, potentially spurring development around the main business districts. But some question how convenient it will be with this new addition considering how close it will be located to already busy shopping areas such as Factoria Mall and Bellevue Square Mall.

“I’m not sure whether it’s good or bad. I can see how it might enhance traffic and the flow of traffic. But you have to ask yourself if it’s worth the impact on the surrounding businesses and the flow of traffic going in and out of that area,” said Jody Wise, a planner with the city of Bellevue. “There’s also the question of how much impact it might have on the tenants who actually shop in that building.” She added that some of those who might be affected by the opening of the store might end up purchasing elsewhere due to the rising cost of living.

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