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Ohio Public Library Services

The Bellevue Ohio public library is located in an area that is noted historically for its railroad and orchards. It is also noted historically for being the home of the world’s first large-scale steel mill.

Today, the library has four branches:

  1. The Central Library which serves a total of six neighborhoods
  2. The Bellevue Memorial Library serves the residents of the four neighborhoods
  3. The Bellevue Easton Historic District which is encompassing two neighborhoods plus a satellite neighborhood
  4. The Bellevue Carnegie Library is the smallest branch, serving one neighborhood.

It is conveniently located and within walking distance of the Cleveland Metropass and the North Port Authority light rail. The library has several reference desks which house a wide variety of reference materials. They also have a computer data service desk and an access desk with secure internet access for faculty, staff, graduate students, and researchers.

Four Branches of the Bellevue Public Library

The Bellevue Ohio Public Library is located in the Easton District of Bellevue. The library was built in 1968 on land that was donated by H.C. Frick Co. for that purpose at that time before the area was annexed to the City of Bellevue. The Easton Branch Library contains an extensive local history collection, including some genealogical materials. The Bellevue Ohio Public Library has a new name, it is now known as the Bellevue Community Library. The City of Bellevue Ohio recently approved a resolution to change the name in 2015. As part of this process, they also approved changing their logo, which was selected by a public contest.

Four Branches of the Bellevue Public Library.

All four branches of the library offer: 

  • books
  • movies/videotapes
  • music CDs
  • as well as magazines (in print)

They all offer internet access. All but one of them offers free wifi access, the Easton Branch has it for a fee. The three large branches also have public meeting rooms. The Easton Branch has an extensive local history collection.

The Bellevue Memorial Library (formerly Bellevue Public Library) serves the residents of four neighborhoods: The Easton District, Indian Hill, Riverview, and South Park. It was built in 1963 and expanded in 1987. It is operated by the City of Bellevue. 

The Bellevue Carnegie Library is the smallest branch, serving one neighborhood. It was built in 1917 and is operated by the City of Bellevue. It just underwent a $150,000 renovation that included fixing water damage, repairing interior walls and ceilings, new paint on the outside, new carpeting on both floors, and a dedicated children’s area.

OPLS – Bellevue Ohio Public Library Services

Ohio Public Library Services (OPLS) is a consortium of libraries consisting of the Library of Congress, MARC (Machine-Readable Cataloging), and USGS (U.S. Geological Survey). OPLS provides catalog records in MARC format for items that may be loaned to Ohio residents through participating Ohio Libraries.

The OPLS MARC Catalog contains records for items that are being loaned to Ohio libraries. Items that are not available for lending are items that can only be accessed by Ohio residents who have access privileges to the owning organization or library, which is why they are not found in the Ohio catalog. They may include books on reference shelves, reference materials in non-circulating special collections, archival material, etc. The Ohio Catalog from OPLS does not, however, contain records for DVDs, movies on VHS, etc., since these items are not being loaned out at this time. You should check with your local public library if you need suggestions about where to find these types of materials in your area! Please note: there may be some other types of materials that are available for borrowing at a library near you but cannot be requested through the Ohio catalog.

The Consortium of Ohio Libraries, which includes all public libraries that participate in OPLS, are working together to provide access to the collections of each participating library through a resource-sharing program called “BORROMEO”. This is an ONLINE system and it does NOT require you to go into the library. Books and other materials can be requested from your home computer or mobile device and will be delivered within 7-14 days (depending on where you live).

Bellevue Public Library: Reading Events

Bellevue Public Library: Reading Events.

Bellevue Public Library is an active participant in many community events throughout the year. The Friends of the Library organization organizes multiple fundraising events for a year giving fundraisers chances to win prizes for their donations. Other notable activities at the Bellevue Public Library include author presentations, book signings, storytimes for children, lectures on non-fiction topics, workshops for adults on memoir writing techniques, author discussions at monthly coffee hours.

The Bellevue Public Library also hosts several adult reading programs that are free and open to all who live in or are property owners within the City of Bellevue. The adult summer reading program offers participants rewards for reading books suggested by librarians over twelve weeks in July/August. Participants must read at least five books before August 12th to obtain rewards among other requirements including writing reviews. Reviewers can receive one entry per book reviewed up to five entries per person. There are also activities and contests happening throughout the twelve weeks such as guest lectures, live music performances, puppy storytimes, and yoga sessions.

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