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North Coast Chamber of Commerce

North Coast Chamber of Commerce

The North Coast Chamber of Commerce has over 200 members and serves as the community’s voice. Its members’ goals include improving the quality of life in the region and contributing to the long-term economic stability of the area. The organization is active in promoting business in its member communities, and the success of the event is judged by the number of attendees, local businesses, and local government officials. 

This Chamber is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainable economic growth and development in the northern San Luis Obispo County region. We strive to provide members with a variety of opportunities for networking, education, advocacy, and community involvement. The North Coast Chamber’s mission is to make a positive difference within the business communities we serve by advocating for programs that lead to increased prosperity both now and into the future.

The Purpose of the North Coast Chamber

The North Coast Chamber Foundation was formed in 1976 to stimulate private sector investments in economic development projects. Since its inception, the Foundation has served as an advocate for business communities by providing leadership in community planning efforts. It has also been funding non-profit organizations and creating opportunities that benefit all citizens of northern San Luis Obispo County.

To live their mission, the Chamber focuses on:

  1. acting as a clearinghouse for information related to local commerce and government;
  2. facilitating communication between local businesses;
  3. advocating on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses;
  4. educating their members and the public on local, state, and national issues 

The Foundation also works with local government and community groups to achieve success:  encouraging the county governments to support growth and development,  helping the Chamber more effectively deliver its mission by providing staff assistance, funding programs that benefit the North Coast, and funding such as NorthCounty Works Internships offering students employability skills. The Foundation has awarded over $25 million for projects along the North Coast since 1976. 

Chamber of Commerce and The Variety of Programs

The North Coast Chamber of Commerce offers several programs that might be interesting to recently established businesses, such as: 

  • The Small Business Resource Center – A one-stop shop where businesses can get advice about legal structure, tax questions, writing a business plan, obtaining capital for start-ups and existing companies. 
  • New Venture Assistance Program (NVAP) – Guided assistance at every stage of business creation: from developing new product and service ideas to launching a new business. 
  • Business Retention and Expansion Program –  Assists existing businesses in the creation of long-term plans for growth.

Through these programs, Chamber hopes to revitalize the local economy by assisting members with the opportunities to pursue new markets,  secure private investments, and improve their businesses. 

 In addition to these five core programs,  the Foundation offers a variety of other events in which Chamber members can participate,  such as quarterly luncheons and workshops.  The goal of these various programs is to bring the North Coast community together by providing a platform for businesses to network with one another.

SBDC & Other Initiatives

Another major initiative that Chamber has created is the Small Business Development Center (SBDC).  The SBDC focuses on small business growth by offering support that includes free counseling services for start-ups.  There are everyday challenges that come with owning your own business. However, many people choose to take control of their success by educating themselves about what it takes to make it work.  With the help of the SBDC, small-business owners can learn how to use data and analysis to make better decisions.

Moreover, to promote local businesses and to grow the North Coast business community, the North Coast Chamber of Commerce organizes North County Business Expo. This event is open to the public and features local businesses, including new ones. Despite the recent outbreak of the new coronavirus pandemic, the expos go on as scheduled. It usually includes a reception and food samples, as well as a silent auction and raffle.

The North Coast Chamber of Commerce is an excellent resource for local businesses. Many local enterprises are active in the community. The town of Avon Lake has an extensive network of businesses, including local restaurants and other enterprises. The event also allows residents to meet and network with other business house owners. By attending, local entrepreneurs will be able to learn more about their businesses. This event is sponsored by the North Coast Chamber of Commerce.

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