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New Beginnings Pediatric Care

New Beginnings Pediatric Care

New Beginnings – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and New Beginnings Pediatrics are two very famous organizations. What do these two have in common?

Well, both of them are very famous and they both serve great purposes to many families across the country. Both of these groups provide great services to families with pediatric issues. When you need your children’s medical needs met, you should call both of them because they are perfect partners for each other. New Beginnings has been serving families for many years now and is a great place to visit.

New Beginnings Pediatrics has grown leaps and bounds over the past ten-plus years. The clinic has grown exponentially since it first opened up its doors as New Haven Pediatrics in Ohio, which was founded by Dr. Keith Peck. As any other similar clinic, New Beginnings offers pediatric care to patients of all ages, starting at newborns up until 18 years old.

New Beginnings Main Services

New Beginnings provides many great services. The clinic offers 24-hour urgent care availability seven days a week along with extended hours on specific occasions throughout the year. New beginnings Pediatrics offers early morning, late evening, and Saturday hours to accommodate your busy schedules. Also, the center has an outstanding patient check-in program that will make you feel like you are at home when you are receiving medical treatment from them. 

Female doctor pediatrician and patient smiling child baby.
Female doctor pediatrician and patient smiling child baby

As part of their service to families, the New Beginnings Pediatrics of Norwalk, Ohio offers special infant daycare. You can drop your baby off and enjoy a day full of activities while learning about New Beginnings Pediatrics. Your infant will be checked by a team of nurses and doctors, and if it is safe for you to do so, they will photograph your newborn baby and take some wonderful pictures to display in your office. The New Beginnings pediatrician will discuss with you all of the things that your infant will be up against, such as: 

  • main allergies
  • infections
  • food allergies
  • inherited diseases/conditions
  • other health conditions

After this discussion, your baby will be ready for home care.

There are also numerous free services that New Beginnings Pediatrics offers to their clients. For example, New Beginnings Pediatrics holds free immunization clinics every month for the community in addition to Newborn Screening Program. The last one is provided at no cost to children born within Lucas County. New Beginnings Pediatrics (NBP) also hosts a free Newborn Home Visiting Program with assistance from The Health Department and Toledo Children’s Hospital. This program assists parents of newborns in the home for 3-5 days postpartum. New mothers receive education on feeding, diapering/bathing, infant CPR and car seat safety while participating in-home visits with NBP nurse visitors.

Practising at New Beginnings

As the center specializes in pediatrics and all the related branches of medicine, they offer:

  • a four-level pediatric hospital
  • a teaching hospital
  • a research hospital
  • a children’s hospital. 

They also provide services for people who want to volunteer as a nurse or a physician. They also conduct seminars and special events for new mothers and doctors.  New Beginnings Pediatrics currently offers a huge selection of different books and tapes that can be used for learning new information on the field of pediatrics. This Pediatric clinic also offers high-quality medical assistance to all pediatricians who are entering the American healthcare system.


New Beginnings Pediatrics Care.

New Beginnings Pediatrics Norwalk, Ohio is a great clinic to make an appointment for your child. Their pediatricians are top-notch professionals, who offer excellent medical consultations and help. The clinic was called one of the best in the modern chain of pediatrics. New Beginnings offers to all the parents with children an opportunity to have full medical records of their kids to be sent to them if it becomes necessary due to health issues. New Beginnings Pediatrics also provides all of their patients with new patient forms, which are available on their official website. Parents can download them before they make an appointment at New Beginnings Pediatrics Norwalk, Ohio for their child. 

Generally, if you were looking for a new clinic with professional pediatric practitioners, New Beginnings should be your number one choice. The clinic was recognized by many parents for its extended medical assistance to all patients. This clinic is an established group that has modern facilities and equipment. Parents can be sure that New Beginnings Pediatrics Norwalk, Ohio will provide them with full assistance if needed.

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