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Cold As Ice – Drive-Through Shopping in Ohio

Cold As Ice – Drive-Through Shopping in Ohio

If you are looking for the quintessential small grocery store in Ohio, look no further than Cold As Ice. Located just north of Cleveland, Cold As Ice specializes in all things frozen and convenient. They carry everything from milk to popcorn to laundry detergent.

Along with these full-service products, they also have a full foodservice kitchen that serves up their signature pizzas and sandwiches. From the salad and vegetable section to the full grill service and liqueur, it is easy to see why Cold As Ice is so popular. If you live in or around the cities of Elyria, Mentor, Avon, North Ridgeville, Warren, Toledo, Uniontown, Avon, and Oberlin, you have come to the right place!

The History of the Family Business

This family-owned business started in June of 1994 and has been serving customers in Ohio and ever since. The vast majority of their sales are generated there,  while they have some decent-sized accounts in both New York City and California. Their roots in Ohio stretch back to when John Foss opened his first ice cream stand in Cleveland in 1938. John Foss had started selling various treats at various fairs and markets in Cleveland and ended up winning a lottery that enabled him to purchase an ice cream van. He then used this van to make different flavors of ice cream. Later, he decided that he wanted to open an ice cream parlor and that is how the business was started. Later, he added other frozen treat items and soon his business became a success.

After a few years, John passed away and his son, David Foss took over. In 1954, David decided to move the business from Cleveland to a smaller city in Ohio called Monroeville. He thought that he could do better there and also provide more services for people in that area. The coldest part of Ohio was named cold as ice, due to the cold winters that it tends to have during certain times of the year. It was aptly named because it is cold enough there for ice to form on roads when they are wet. In September of 1994 Cold As Ice opened its doors for business with 10 employees at their location on East Main Street in Monroeville.

Cold As Ice Special Services

This small family-owned shop provides an old-fashioned drive-through shopping experience where customers can order items through a speaker box at the drive-through or even walk in to shop. A lot of customers choose Cold as Ice because they can get their groceries without having to go out of their way. This small shop has over 2000 items available for purchase including:

  • cold beverages
  • snacks
  • cold cuts
  • cheeses
  • frozen foods
  • ice cream treats

Many people are still able to enjoy these kinds of shopping experiences today due to cold as ice being so unique when it comes to providing services locally in Ohio.

Know Who You Buy From

The business is run as a sole proprietorship; therefore, all of the profits are given to John Foss. The business is not even 100% owned by him! The actual owner, Robert Nix, is a member of the board of directors and helps with the day-to-day decisions. The rest of the team consists of the following individuals: Bob Sall, Terry Johnson, Mike Young, Dan Burke, Jon Johnson, Mark Lishera, Don Griffith, Karen Lewis, David Fenton, and Mike Johnson. These individuals put their knowledge, skill, and experience to use each day and offer the best treats at affordable prices all over the United States and Canada. 

Cold as Ice is operated by the Fenton family. The store is operated out of a large building that has two floors and was designed to be multi-purpose. It mainly serves as a candy store, a food market, a general store, a warehouse, and an ice-cream shop. On the second floor is the cold as an ice production facility where different products are made, frozen, and shipped to various local stores.

If you live in the Cleveland area and are interested in doing business with this popular family-owned grocery store, it may be a good idea to visit the location and get to know the owners. You can also go to a cold drink tasting party that is held at the store once a month. Cold as Ice Monroeville family is known for providing fresh, quality products at very reasonable prices. They believe that by putting quality products on the local economy, they will increase the tax base and revenues to local municipalities and provide jobs and training for local workers. Unsurprisingly, this store is considered to be among the best in the city of Monroeville Ohio.

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