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Bellevue Manufacturing Company

Bellevue Manufacturing Company

Bellevue Manufacturing Company is a manufacturing company that prides itself on providing Bellevue and other major cities with producing services. The Company uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the area, while still upholding all of Bellevue’s high-quality manufacturer standards

It offers a wide range of industrial services such as:

  1. metal fabrication
  2. machining
  3. waterjet cutting
  4. welding
  5. various business services like sales consultation, etc.

All these industrial services are offered by expert workers who have years of working experience. The Company only hires the very best Bellevue manufacturing workers, all of whom have been background checked, and drug tested.

The Bellevue Manufacturing Company strives to be a leader in the area concerning its high standards. Amongst other things, this includes utilizing raw materials from Bellevue suppliers whenever possible and upholding machinery supplier standards with an emphasis on manufacturing safety. It is the Manufacturing Company’s mission to be the number one choice for all of Bellevue and its surrounding areas.

The History

The History.

The Bellevue Manufacturing Company is a company in St. Louis, Missouri, that designs, manufactures, and sells parts and accessories for motor vehicles. Founded in 1915, the company has raised $2.8 million in two funding rounds and has five employees. In addition to its innovative products, Bellevue is a member of the National Register of Historic Places. The startup has been around since the late nineteenth century and uses the latest technologies and APIs to produce automotive parts and accessories. Bellevue is involved with the Belleville community and frequently donates to local charities. Bellevue’s quality products are enjoyed by people around the world, like their innovative tire pressure monitor system accessories.

It started with one employee (the owner), but now they have 18 employees working at their factory located at 11916 SE 16th Street in Bellevue. That does not include everybody who works for their telecommutes or remotely! The company has become a worldwide leader in manufacturing equipment, manufactured goods, and technology. This Bellevue manufacturing company has achieved notoriety by hiring highly trained employees who are committed to excellence. Еhe Bellevue Manufacturing Company specializes in custom Bellevue manufacturing equipment of all kinds… from welding machines to assembly lines, metal fabrication machinery, and everything between! Their creative designs make the best of creative engineers’ ideas! Making their goods better than any other city’s!

The New Implementation

In 2018, the company raised $2.8 million. The funding was split between two rounds. The new facility is located in California. In 2018, Bellevue hired 2 foreign workers. During the year, the company applied for 2-labor condition applications for H1B visas and 1 green card. It also received one transfer and one renewal. These moves were made possible thanks to the help of Barcodes EDGE. The manufacturing company is using the latest technologies and APIs to automate the production process.

After the system was implemented, the company was able to achieve significant productivity increases. The new barcode printer also enabled the company to integrate with its ERP system without having to purchase a separate barcode reader. In addition, the company’s management staff can share data and templates across multiple locations. All of this has greatly increased their overall efficiency. The barcode printer is easy to install and replace. In addition, the software provides extensive management tools for administrators.

More About EDGE

Multiple scanners can be connected to the system. Bellevue is currently using the most advanced model, which allows QR code scanning with an impressive 300-meter range. Furthermore, it can read barcodes in direct sunlight and up to 10 meters underwater (IP68 certification).

Bellevevue Manufacturing Company.

The Barcode printer Bellevue is using includes two types of aluminum housings:

  • rack-mounted
  • wall-mounted.

The equipment was designed for optimal heat dissipation while maintaining stability under all working conditions. Bellevue has already implemented the new system into its production process thanks to industry-standard APIs. All of this means that Bellevue does not need to hire additional engineers or developers to use the system effectively.

Barcodes EDGE offers Bellevue an easy-to-use user interface. Bellevue’s employees can select the most efficient scanning method, depending on working conditions. Bellevue also uses different types of barcodes for different purposes – product codes, serial numbers, asset labels, etc. Bellevue can even set each type of barcode with its parameters (e.g., length of the value).

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