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All About Autoplas Bellevue Ohio

All About Autoplas Bellevue Ohio

Autoplas Bellevue Ohio has been a broker in the real estate market for over thirty years. The company is well known for its ability to work with both individual sellers and management companies, commercial real estate agents, and buyers from around the country.

Autoplas Bellevue Ohio was founded by Paul D. Hasselbach and Frank J. Gerber. They have been successful in their efforts to be a top broker in the country by building clientele in the areas of southern Ohio and southern Indiana. They were able to move their brokerage from a small office to a large office building in Ohio’s capital city, Columbus.

Insurance Company

Paul Hasselbach and Frank Gerber started the company in November of 1974. They started by only selling homes and other residential property in the Columbus area. Over the years, they have expanded into Ohio’s largest city as well as the state of Kentucky. They have also been able to expand their business into areas such as:

  • Southern Indiana
  • Southern Ohio
  • Maryland
  • West Virginia
  • Pennsylvania

They have been working daily to ensure that clients have the proper insurance coverage. Cars and businesses are not the only types of insurance that they offer. They also work with life, health, and accident policies as well as commercial accounts. The company has established its agency locations which specialize in providing different kinds of insurance coverage

Autoplas Bellevue Services

The real estate company is primarily involved in commercial real estate transactions. They can purchase and manage apartment complexes, single-family residences, townhomes, condominiums, and retail properties. They also work directly with banks and mortgage lenders to assist the financing of these deals. The real estate agency acquires property for sale and then sells it to consumers, banks, and other real estate buyers.

In addition to assisting individuals with purchasing real estate, these brokers help financial institutions with handling real estate-related matters. They can coordinate inter-office transfers between various buyers and sellers, as well as assist in closing real estate transactions. Brokers are responsible for helping to find suitable mortgage leads for any type of real estate transaction. They help financial institutions in a variety of tasks which include:

  1.  property closings
  2. sales
  3. data entry
  4. mortgage brokering
  5. deal analysis

They also assist in the underwriting process for loan applications. The loan officer can perform credit checks on customers to determine their risk level when it comes to borrowing money from a bank or lending institution.

Autoplas Bellevue Brokers

The real estate brokers in Ohio are primarily responsible for generating new business. This is made possible through their knowledge of the local real estate market and by understanding the needs and interests of potential clients. They must be able to provide sound advice on both residential and commercial real estate-related matters. Professional brokers have to be capable of providing an honest evaluation of property values in various neighborhoods. They have to give an honest estimate on how much money an individual will make or save by buying or selling a particular type of real estate property. 

To become licensed as a real estate broker in Ohio, you need to complete a very extensive application. You will have to submit proof of your education, work experience, and a comprehensive background check. The licensing examination includes a written and oral section. During the licensing examination, the brokers must be able to answer all the questions accurately and portray themselves as being knowledgeable about the real estate market in Ohio. To pass the examination the brokers must earn a passing rate of at least 75%. 

Autoplas Bellevue Ohio brokers are licensed by the Ohio Department of Insurance to provide advice and recommendations to individuals considering purchasing real estate in the State of Ohio. They are also authorized to assess certain insurance-related risks. These particular licenses ensure that Autoplas’s brokers can perform the functions required of them. They must also maintain certain qualifications that are set down by the Department of Insurance.


Autoplas Bellevue, started by Paul Hasselbach and Frank Gerber, is a company that offers a wide range of services to its customers. These include autobody services, repair, used car parts, and accessories sales, as well as insurance claims for all types of vehicles. It features a complete autobody service center equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools necessary to restore cars to their original state. Operating since 1970, the autobody shop is well-known for its high-quality work.

During the past few decades, Autoplas Bellevue has evolved from a full-service autobody shop to also one of the most reputable suppliers of used car parts in the region.

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