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A Credit Union That Offers Mutual Aid

A Credit Union That Offers Mutual Aid

Firelands Federal Credit Union is situated in Norwalk, Ohio. This company mainly operates within the Depository Institutions industry/sector. It is one of the largest and most trusted credit unions in the United States. 

It provides all types of financial services, such as banking, credit cards, investments, savings accounts, and other money market-related products. Firelands Federal Credit Union offers a full range of credit products, including personal checking accounts, mortgages, and home equity loans. The company’s total assets are more than 1 billion USD. Firelands Federal Credit Union offers financial planning and budgeting resources to its members. According to our information, Firelands FCU is currently expanding its assets, especially in Ohio.

Main Financial Services

This credit union is a member of the Fidelity Investments Network. This network is an association of credit unions and is dedicated to helping our members achieve financial success. All the members of this organization have undertaken a thorough evaluation of each credit union’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as their unique selling points. Each member’s services are then evaluated based on these criteria. The services they offer are ranked according to each criterion.

The Firelands Federal Credit Union was chartered in 1977. It is a not-for-profit organization and does not charge membership fees. All financial services provided by it are free of charge to its entire membership. All services and products are sold following the laws of fair trade. Financial services are not advertised to customers.

Main Financial Services.

Financial services provided by Firelands Federal Credit Union include a savings account, checking accounts, loans, mortgages, investments, etc. The company also offers its services for: 

  • electronic remittance
  • cash advances
    bill payment
  • mobile banking
  • Internet banking
  • telephone banking. 

Their services also include managing employee funds, sales orders, employee cash loans, and various credit and debit card accounts. They also provide direct deposit, investments, payroll services, and electronic access to retirement and savings plans.

Extra Offers for Members and Employees

This credit union is involved in several activities aimed at helping its members improve their lives. For instance, it organizes charitable events to raise money for various projects. It also conducts health fairs to promote better nutrition and screenings for diseases like diabetes and heart disease. Besides that, they also have other extra offers:

  1. The Firelands Federal Credit Union includes a retirement plan that meets the needs of employees who are nearing retirement age. A dental plan is also provided for free to all its members. Life insurance is also offered to union members at an affordable rate. These are only a few of the services available to the Firelands Federal Credit Union members.
  2. The company provides its members access to the Internet and other electronic services as well. The members of the union can also enjoy a pension plan that pays them a fixed income. Retirement benefits and pensions can also be enjoyed by retirees who become members of the union. The union also offers educational financial services to retirees. Its educational programs are offered in fire sciences, engineering, computer technology, finance, education, health care, and other related fields.
  3. The Firelands Federal Credit Union Norwalk, Ohio also offers a free Concierge service. This service provides members with access to their credit union via Toll-Free phone number, mobile app, and online banking portal to help them manage their accounts. The Firelands federal credit union membership is open to everyone who lives or worships in Erie County, Ohio.

 Firelands Federal Credit Union Norwalk, Ohio: Summary

 Firelands Federal Credit Union Norwalk.

The Norwalk Firelands Federal Credit Union is a member of the Northwest National Association of thrift institutions. This credit union is committed to developing community commerce and the improvement of the quality of life through responsible financial management. It is one of the members of the Northwest National Association of Thrift Associations. The Union has about 13 branches in four states: Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio, and New York. It has also opened branches in several cities in Canada.

The Unio provides its members with low-interest rates on a wide range of financial products including loans, savings accounts, and checking accounts. Its services include budgeting help, identity theft protection, money transfers, and electronic funds management. The Norwalk Firelands Federal Credit Union also offers Internet banking and provides online access to its website. The Union has recently expanded its services to include telecommuting. If you are planning to relocate to Norwalk, you should consider this credit union.

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