Bank of America’s Prestigious Youth Program: a Chance for the Students of Bellevue

Bellevue Student Leaders program

The Bank of America’s Prestigious Youth Program offers many hands-on opportunities for students and leadership candidates to get into the business of real-world nonprofits. In fact, the Program has been a wonderful launching pad for many non-profit organizations as well as corporate enterprises looking to inject some passion and energy into their endeavors. A leadership development curriculum, developed and practiced by the volunteers is an essential ingredient in making such programs successful.

The curriculum addresses key issues that students must confront when they embark on to their quest to be leaders. These include:

  • leadership skills;
  • community-building fundamentals;
  • diversity awareness
  • and others.

There is also a focus on teamwork and group dynamics. This is because the students are given the opportunity to work side by side with other students in order to create an environment that encourages and fosters leadership.

What it is all about

Bank of America’s prestigious Student Leaders program is designed for young adults to obtain job and leadership experience while making a difference in the communities they serve nationwide. In addition to their projects supporting a local nonprofit, students in the program are engaged in conversations focused on social justice, civil rights, and how to build a more diverse and inclusive society.

In addition to their projects supporting a local nonprofit, students in the program are engaged in conversations focused on social justice, civil rights, and how to build a more diverse and inclusive society.

Building Community goodwill and visibility require that the leaders are visible in the local community. This means that the leaders must be visible on the local news shows and talk radio shows. These appearances are important in creating positive public opinion about the organization. Publicity also provides credibility for the nonprofit and ensures that potential donors trust the organization. In order to build community goodwill, students should visit churches, schools, libraries, community centers, and more.

Creating measurable goals and objectives forces students to take accountability for their actions and increases their sense of involvement in their organizations. They will feel that they have a part in achieving these goals. The process of creating goals and objectives makes the students see their impact on the local, regional, and national scene and gives them an incentive to pursue those objectives. Achieving measurable goals also gives students a sense of satisfaction and builds confidence.

We’ve seen that Bank of America has helped young adults obtain job and leadership experience through its Student Leaders Program. This is especially important because youth unemployment rates have been steadily increasing over the past few years. The bank offers employees extensive resources for developing skills throughout all stages of life from education to financial literacy training programs as well as mentoring opportunities with members of senior management. In order for this generation to succeed in an era defined by rapid change (think automation), we need investments like the one made by Bank of America.

Bellevue, Washington – A Great Place to Enjoy Your Free Time

Bellevue, Washington is a beautiful city on Lake Washington, between Seattle and Olympic Mountain. Downtown Park has a giant green lawn, fountains and a big waterfall. Further down is the Bellevue Arts Museum, with an art-glass-enhanced sculpture garden, plus various exhibits. The nearby Bellevue Botanical Garden features lush Pacific Northwest flora and has several woodlands and wetlands for kids.


A walking tour of the neighborhood will give you an idea of why it’s considered to be one of the best neighborhoods in the United States. There are many historic buildings to take a look at. The average age of the buildings is just over 50 years. You can enjoy the architectural designs and styles found all over the city. Bellevue downtown district was the original home to the United States Patent Office, and there are beautiful old churches, post offices and government buildings.

If you love the water, then you’re a real water lover! Bellevue is a great place for kayaking, water skiing, and other water activities. The riverfront beaches are a great place to relax, enjoy the sunshine, and to mingle with the locals. The waterfronts are also very beautiful, as the light and color of the various areas play off each other in beautiful complimentary colors. The water is very clean, and if you enjoy swimming, boating, or surfing, then this is a great place to live.

Bellevue is also the home of two great national parks: The American Indian Historic Site and The Cascades National Park. The American Indian site features many cultural features, historical sites, cultural displays, and beautiful buildings. The Cascades National Park offers hiking, biking, wildlife watching, and panoramic views of the mountains that are so often missed by visitors. These parks are both open in summer and winter, so you can visit in any season. To make sure that you don’t miss out on any of these parks, a Bellevue zip tour will let you explore every last bit of this unique area.

Of course, when it comes to the national parks, Bellevue has more than just about any city. There are hiking trails in The Cascades, which will take you up into the mountains. If you love the rivers, you’ll love hiking through them in The Creek. There are underwater sights, historical sites, and beautiful forests in the forested National Park. When you combine all of these amazing experiences with the beautiful weather in Bellevue, it’s easy to understand why this area has become a lot of people’s weekend getaway.

Bellevue is also home to more than just fantastic hiking trails! This region is home to a number of great beaches, too, and if you love swimming, consider taking your family on a beach cruise around the bays of Bellevue. Beach day trips to Seattle are also available to tourists who enjoy some of the culture and nightlife that go along with the Seattle area. There’s even a light rail system that runs through the city, taking commuters to all of the main points of interest in town. For many, taking in the Seattle sights and sounds while getting a great workout is just what they need to get back into shape.