logo1The BACC Mission:

” The Bellevue Area Chamber of Commerce is a professional association consisting of regional and local businesses and individuals organized for the specific intent of promoting a healthy, vibrant and strong local economy, thereby enriching the community’s quality of life. We work to promote the interests of our Members by, providing educational opportunities, hosting social networking events, encouraging local commerce, working bilaterally with government, and adding value to our Membership and the Bellevue Community as a whole. “

The BACC Fundamental Beliefs:

The Bellevue Area Chamber of Commerce carries out its stated mission by adhering closely to these fundamental beliefs that a vital Chamber of Commerce must:

  • Be cognizant that Membership in the BACC is voluntary and there needs to be a certain sense of fulfillment, community, enjoyment, socializing and fun as a result of being a Member.
  • Exhibit high levels of ethics and professionalism in every action taken.
  • Realize that our Members are our greatest asset and we use our Members’ skills as a resource while respecting their time limitations.
  • Provide for clear, open and effective communications.
  • Be accessible and available to its Members by maintaining consistent and regular business office hours.
  • At all times act in the best interest of our Members to promote a dynamic local economy.
  • Remain relevant to our Membership and Community by fostering progressive attitudes, keeping informed of changes, seeking out new opportunities to benefit our Membership.
  • IN ALL THINGS, ensure that our Members receive value in excess of their investment in the BACC, regardless their level of contribution

The Bellevue Area is located in Erie, Huron and Sandusky Counties in the Northwest part of Ohio. Just 15 miles to the north is Lake Erie, 60 miles to the east is Cleveland, 50 miles to the west is Toledo, and 100 miles south is Columbus. Careful planning for the future and an eagerness to retain its atmosphere of “down home” congeniality are principle ingredients in the growth of Bellevue.